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Modern Wisdom Press is unlike other nonfiction book publishers. We’ve created a unique method to help our clients connect to their inner wisdom and birth impactful, transformational books through a fun and creative process.

We walk with you from start to finish to help you write and publish the book you are being called to write—one that will expand your impact to transform lives and build a platform of loyal fans to help grow your business.

Are You Our Dream Client?

Because of the intimate nature of our coaching and publishing program, we can only work with a selected handful of authors each year who align with the qualities reflected in the following questions.

Please answer Yes or No to the Questions Below:

  1. Do you see yourself as a conscious leader or entrepreneur who is here to make a positive impact in the world?
  2. Do people refer to you as a subject matter expert and ask why you haven’t written your book yet?
  3. Are you passionate about your work and what you do?
  4. Do you prioritize or understand the importance of your personal growth and well-being?
  5. Are you dedicated to creating and maintaining a successful business that is mission and values-driven?
  6. Do you trust your intuition and take risks based on your inner guidance?
  7. Do you have a sense of humor and a healthy dose of humility? 
  8. Do you have integrity and you’re not afraid to speak your truth?
  9. Do you believe that you can help shape and shift your reality with your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions? 
  10. Are you a curious person who is coachable and willing to have a beginner's mind?

If you answered YES to 7 or more of these questions - We would love to connect with you!

Yes! Let's Talk!

As you embark upon the journey of writing your book within the container of accountability and support of our structured and streamlined program, you will gain clarity about the exact content you need to include and how to organize it in a way that will meet your goals-- for your readers, for yourself and for your business.

The proven process we teach our authors often sparks creative ways to focus and repurpose the book's content into income-generating offerings. We are dedicated to empowering our authors to see how their book can be an investment that pays for itself over and over again.

Your book is a potent marketing tool for you to spread your message, promote your work, and build a solid platform to grow your business. In addition, the financial rewards of writing a book can begin before your book is even published, as you engage potential readers to become intrigued and excited about what you offer.

You will learn how to craft and structure your book's messaging and chapter content to meet your goals for your business in a way that will magnetize your ideal clients to you. Your clout as a published author will elevate you in your field and enable you to charge what you're worth so your business can thrive.

Once you become a published author and known expert on a topic, you can expect interviews with major media outlets, podcast hosts, and organizations seeking keynote speakers at their conferences and events. In addition, many authors can simultaneously launch a public speaking career if desired. Income-generating opportunities are abundant for published book authors. When written the right way, your book can be a powerful vehicle for skyrocketing your success.

Many book-coaching programs overlook one of the most important aspects of writing and publishing a book: The transformational journey you undergo when birthing a new version of yourself as a published author and expert in your field.

You will dive deep into your internal experience through weekly guided meditation and visualization practices that inspire creative insight and support you in moving through any obstacles on the path. You will learn how to get out of your own way, so that the inherent wisdom within you can flow through effortlessly onto the pages of your book.

As you become the catalyst for positive change in your readers' lives, you'll access new levels of awareness and transformation in your own life.

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