Are you an inspired leader, founder, or coach who knows it's time to get your book into the world?

We’re Catherine and Nathan, founders of Modern Wisdom Press and trusted guides on your book-birthing journey.

Are you a leader, founder, or coach who knows it's time to get your book into the world?

We’re Modern Wisdom Press, your trusted guides on the book-birthing journey.

3 Pillars to Our Unique Method Of Working With You To Write & Publish Your Book

3 Pillars to Our Unique Method Of Working With You To Write & Publish Your Nonfiction Book



We are dedicated to empowering our authors to see how their book can be an investment that pays for itself over and over again.



Your book is a potent marketing tool for you to spread your message, promote your work, and build a platform to grow your business.



You'll become the catalyst for positive change in your readers' lives while accessing new levels of awareness & transformation in your own life.

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  • Envision how your book will transform lives while increasing your impact and authority
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What Some of Our Inspiring Clients Say About Our Work Together

Jamie Shapiro, PhD, author of Brilliant: Be the Leader Who Shines Brightly Without Burning Out

“I had looked at many other publishing companies, and their business models were almost identical. When I’d interview them, they were more interested in what I would bring to the table and how much money I would make for them. It was like they didn’t even care about my message. Modern Wisdom Press cared about my message and wanted to help me bring it into the world. It was such a difference in energy, and the ROI was also emotional and psychological. They helped me overcome the belief that I wasn't a good writer. It was a true partnership where I felt supported every step of the way. They helped me find joy in bringing my book to life.”

Jamie Shapiro, PhD, founder of, award-winning author of Brilliant: Be the Leader Who Shines Brightly Without Burning Out 

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“When I decided I wanted to write a book, I wasn't sure where to start and felt clueless about how to structure it to make it most impactful for readers. The Modern Wisdom Press method helped break down what seemed an overwhelming project into very specific and tangible steps. Without the skillful coaching and accountability, I'm sure I wouldn’t have finished because I would’ve gotten tripped up in the natural doubt and fear that comes with writing a book. The design team blew me away, creating the cover and inside format that continues to make me feel proud anytime I see my book. The editing process and suggestions to improve the flow of my book were essential and things I would never have thought of on my own. And the launch support, to actually get my book into the world, was impeccable. The team kept me informed moment-to-moment as my book hit best seller, in several categories. When I write my next book, it will definitely be with the Modern Wisdom Press team.”

Alana Fournet

Alana Fournet, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Founder of Intentional Health for Women + Author of Radiant Powerful You: Ditch the Battle with Your Body to Energize Your Life

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