Write your book.

Build your business.

Transform lives.

Do you feel called to write a book that will share your expertise, expand your reach and make a positive impact in the world?

Maybe you've already started writing your book, yet you feel stuck on how to write it the "right way" in order to do all of the above? 


If you are READY to birth your book, let's chat and I'll help you figure out what your very next step should be.


As an entrepreneur, you know that writing a book will build your credibility and authority, grow your business & income and open doors for paid speaking opportunities ... but you just can't find the clarity, time or momentum to birth the book you know is inside of you.

Does this sound like you? 

Here's the great news! You are not alone. I was the perfect person to write a book. I had a journalism degree, a former career as a professional editor and writer and I was an expert in my holistic healing field. I knew I had knowledge and expertise that could change lives and transform my business, yet I was stuck. I had all the excuses as to why it wasn't happening, and truthfully, it was getting embarrassing:

"I don't have the time because I'm prioritizing other important things right now."

"I'm not sure my book will really make an impact." 

"There are plenty of books already out there on a similar topic."

After much personal work, I learned what was necessary to move past the excuses and writer's block and apply my expert writing and editing experience to finally publish my award-winning book. And now I've created a program for you to accomplish in weeks what it took me years to do. 

Writing and publishing a book is indeed a transformational journey, yet it doesn’t have to be a long, lonely or arduous one. 

I'm Catherine Gregory, and I'm here to bring clarity, forward momentum and a proven process to help you get your book out of your head and into the world in just a few short months. 

Birth Your Book Program

The Modern Wisdom Press Birth Your Book program will empower you to:

  • Clarify your message and the purpose of your book so that it will make a bigger impact
  • Simplify the process of structuring your book so that you can write with ease
  • Overcome blocks that are keeping you stuck so you can actually finish your book
  • Enjoy the writing process and apply tools that make it fun
  • Learn ways to build your business by leveraging your authority as a published author
  • Gain inspiration and accountability from an expert coach and group of like-minded authors
  • Finish writing your book in nine potent weeks
  • Get your book into the world in as little as six months
  • Transform your readers’ lives with a high-quality, professionally published book 

Modern Wisdom Press is a boutique book publishing company, working with an exclusive circle of coaches, healers and entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their impact and message through the power of a well-written and professionally designed book. We guide and empower our authors to move through the typically complicated publishing process with ease, while maintaining full ownership of their content as well as all royalties from their book's sales. 


"I have wanted to write a book since I was nine years old. I started and stopped many book-writing projects over the years but never managed to complete a manuscript. Catherine helped me to birth the book I always knew was in me in nine powerful weeks. I had no idea what I was capable of and this coaching program helped me change my thinking and finish my first book. Catherine took what seemed like an impossible dream and turned it into small, actionable steps. This process changed me from the inside out and helped me morph into the woman I’ve always dreamed of being. It helped me to define my mission and the core principles that drive my business. Catherine helped me tap into my intuition and true essence to bring forth the book I was born to write. Thank you."

Aubry Hoffman, Host of The Queen of Intuition Podcast + Author of Activate Your Light: Upgrade Your Energy to Step Into Your Calling As a Lightworker

A Selection of Books Published by Modern Wisdom Press

Brilliant: Be the Leader Who Shines Brightly Without Burning Out by Jamie Shapiro

"This book illuminates the important connection between leadership and wellbeing, inspiring top-level leaders to reach their full potential and flourish—both personally and professionally.” — Shawn Achor, NY Times bestselling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage

Fertile: The Wise Woman's Guide to Pregnancy Success by Catherine Gregory

"This beautiful book will soothe the heart & soul and bring hope to any woman battling infertility. I wish it existed during the years of my work with patients trying to conceive a baby. Catherine Gregory’s heartfelt writing gives voice to her compassionate coaching style and has the power to awaken the feminine creative potential in anyone who reads it." — Dr. Emma Farr Rawlings, author of The Divine Child


Activate Your Light: Upgrade Your Energy to Step Into Your Calling as a Lightworker by Aubry Hoffman

"Aubry Hoffman affirms the truth Lightworkers need to hear … In her story we find our own. Her brave voice shows us the emboldened, aligned, joyous life that awaits us as we claim the tools in her chapters to return to our essence and shine!” — Rabbi Jessica K. Marshall, founder of Sacred Lifecycle Rituals

#BragOutLoud: The Simple Solution to Finding More Joy by Shannon Townsend

"If you’ve ever felt like you’re trapped and scared to live a big, bold life, read this book! The simple, practical and actionable tools of bragging and celebrating are guaranteed to break the spell and wake you up to your greatness." — Nisha Kaunda, Leadership Coach and Founder of Nisha Kaunda International

Radiant Powerful You: Ditch the Battle with Your Body to Energize Your Life by Alana Fournet

"This book beautifully illustrates and teaches the power of awareness, reflection, and self-acceptance for true healing. This is a program not only to thrive but also one that can allow your immune system to be very robust and alive." —Stephen G. Henke M.D., Board-Certified in Family and Integrative Medicine


Hold On, Baby: A Soulful Guide to Riding the Ups & Downs of Infertility and IVF by Lisa White

“Hold On, Baby! shouts from the rooftops important messages that our world needs to hear right now: Hope beckons. Be brave. Don’t give up. Stay connected. Be patient. The words are suffuse with soul wisdom and will be a steady companion for your journey.”—Sarah Davison-Tracy, Author, Speaker, Founder, Seeds of Exchange


Pursuing Purpose: A Guide to Finding Meaning Through Meditation by Dent Gitchel Jr., PhD

"Author Dent Gitchel does not sugar coat the doubts or other obstacles to be found on this path. But, like the Buddha, he wants to alleviate suffering where it exists, invites us to come and see, and try for ourselves what he has found to be true."—Sharon Salzberg, Author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

Power Boundaries: Own Your Energy and Ditch Toxic Relationships by Holly Tarry

"Anyone on a self-healing journey can benefit from the empowering approach to boundaries in this book. As someone who struggled, I found Holly's work to offer a unique and refreshing approach to boundary-setting. This book is smart and unique and written for the person who wants to protect their energy and own their power!"—Dr. Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist

From Trauma to Healing: Seeking Solace and Safe Places to Fall by Dr. Bobbi Lambert

"Outstanding. Bobbi Lambert draws upon personal experience and 35 years as a consultant to provide helpful advice on grief and healing after unimaginable tragedy. Thoughtful, sensitive, moving, spiritual, practical, and, above all, hopeful. Highly recommended."—Sheldon Siegel, Survivor of the 101 California Street shooting and New York Times bestselling author of the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez series of novels


Jamie Shapiro, CEO, Executive Leadership + Wellbeing Coach at Connected EC and author of Brilliant: Be the Leader Who Shines Brightly Without Burning Out


Your Instructor

Catherine S. Gregory is a seasoned writer and editor with a BA in Journalism and more than 20 years working in the publishing industry. As a self-published, award-winning book author, transformational coach and holistic healer, she blends her hybrid skill set into a potent program empowering visionary entrepreneurs to write and publish books that make a positive impact in the world.

Want more clarity about your next right step to becoming a published author?