Are you stuck writing your book? 

We've developed these free resources to help you get unstuck and unlock your creative flow. These offerings will help you move forward with more clarity about your book, balancing your intellect with your intuition and your mind with your heart. Start with any of these foundational steps and you'll be on your way to writing a truly impactful book!

Free Resources

Catherine Gregory

Jumpstart Your Book Journey

Where do you start? We've developed a guided practice to help you take the first important steps in writing a transformational book. Access our free practice, including a video lesson, guided visualization, and journaling prompts.


Limitless Creative Flow Guided Meditation

How often do you slow down to practice the art of "being" versus "doing"? Sometimes it's easier with a bit of guidance. Enjoy this guided practice designed to awaken more clarity, ignite your intuition, and align you with the universal energy of creative flow.


Awaken Into Flow: The Soulful Leader's Guide to Writing a Transformational Book

Whether you’ve started writing your book or are stuck in the idea phase, Awaken Into Flow offers a profound and proven approach to finding clarity and momentum on your book-writing journey. Download Chapter 1 for free!