"The Modern Wisdom Press methodology, structure, and coaching helped cultivate the inner author in me to write my book in a very joyful manner." - Jamie Shapiro  CEO, Executive Leadership & Wellbeing Coach at Connected EC + Author of Brilliant: Be the Leader Who Shines Brightly Without Burning Out


"Taking Catherine’s sage advice and working through her nine-week path to publishing process turned out to be the best advice I have ever received. I couldn’t have fulfilled my aspirations to be a published writer on my own.

The team of editors I had the pleasure of working with took my writing and manuscript to new heights. My long-held dream of publishing was finally realized. I’m so proud to see the many ways that my personal story and 35 years of client work has touched others and inspired them to begin or continue their own journey to inner peace and safety. When I hold the beautiful book in my hands, I am grateful to those that helped make it possible, including Nathan and the design team that took what I envisioned the book to feel like in the hands of my ideal reader and made it a reality."


Dr. Bobbi Lambert  Founder of Confidante, Inc. + Author of From Trauma to Healing: Seeking Solace and Safe Places to Fall


"They really take the time to listen and make sure the author's core message is what is seen, heard, and emanates in the world after the book has been published." - Holly Morphew  Founder & CEO of Financial Impact + Author of Simple Wealth: The Practical Guide to Transform Your Relationship with Money and Live in Abundance

"I have wanted to write a book since I was nine years old. I started and stopped many book-writing projects over the years but never managed to complete a manuscript. Catherine helped me to birth the book I always knew was in me in nine powerful weeks. I had no idea what I was capable of and this coaching program helped me change my thinking and finish my first book. The team took what seemed like an impossible dream and turned it into small, actionable steps. This process changed me from the inside out and helped me morph into the woman I’ve always dreamed of being. It helped me to define my mission and the core principles that drive my business. Modern Wisdom Press helped me tap into my intuition and true essence to bring forth the book I was born to write. Thank you."

Aubry Hoffman  Host of The Queen of Intuition Podcast + Author of Activate
Your Light: Upgrade Your Energy to Step Into Your Calling As a Lightworker


"Had it not been for the accountability and structure, the support, the information and enthusiasm of the cohort, I would have never gotten this book written." - Mike Mueller  Author of Single Buddhist Dad

Peter speaks to the simplicity and comfort of the book-birthing process developed by Modern Wisdom Press with the analogy, "You give enough of the future to keep the headlights on the road without having to see the map of the entire United States."  - Peter Berridge MAPP, PCC, and Co-author of Feedback Reimagined: Transform Your Organization through Positive Psychology and Social Support


"What I really appreciated was the structure and the thought and the intention around the beginning [of the process]. I referred back to the Throughline that we built in those first few weeks constantly during writing the book, because that's what kept me in check about [it] paying off as what we first defined we wanted that to be."

Jen Ostrich  CEO, Grow Collective + Co-author of Feedback Reimagined: Transform Your Organization through Positive Psychology and Social Support


"It's nice to feel like I get a say in the direction that the book went in and how it was packaged and how it gets presented to the world." - Jessica Grossmeier PhD, MPH, author of Reimagining Workplace Well-being: Fostering a Culture of Purpose, Connection, and Transcendence

“When I decided I wanted to write a book, I wasn't sure where to start and felt clueless about how to structure it to make it most impactful for readers. The Modern Wisdom Press method helped break down what seemed an overwhelming project into very specific and tangible steps. Without the skillful coaching and accountability, I'm sure I wouldn’t have finished because I would’ve gotten tripped up in the natural doubt and fear that comes with writing a book. The design team blew me away, creating the cover and inside format that continues to make me feel proud anytime I see my book. The editing process and suggestions to improve the flow of my book were essential and things I would never have thought of on my own. And the launch support, to actually get my book into the world, was impeccable. The team kept me informed moment-to-moment as my book hit best seller, in several categories. When I write my next book, it will definitely be with the Modern Wisdom Press team.”

Alana Fournet, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Founder of Intentional Health for Women + Author of Radiant Powerful You: Ditch the Battle with Your Body to Energize Your Life