Awaken Into FlowThe Soulful Leader's Guide to Writing a Transformational Book

Do you feel called to write a book that will positively impact lives? Whether you’ve started writing your book or are stuck in the idea phase, Awaken Into Flow offers a profound and proven approach to finding clarity and momentum on your book-writing journey.

Transformational book coach Catherine S. Gregory leads readers through a transformative process as they embark upon becoming published book authors.

This compassionate and inspirational guidebook will empower you step-by-step with practical tools to:

  • ALIGN your mind, body, and heart to write a book that will transform lives--including your own
  • STOP STALLING your calling and bust through writer’s block, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and other obstacles to finishing your book
  • BALANCE your intellect and intuition to find clarity, ease, and flow in your writing
  • ELEVATE your energy to write with joy and magnetize your ideal readers
  • OWN your inner wisdom and learn the foundational steps to write a transformational book

Trusted and endorsed by dozens of best-selling book authors, Catherine’s holistic approach to writing a transformational book will guide you inward to deeper alignment with your purpose and calling to write a life-changing book.

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CATHERINE S. GREGORY is a transformational book coach and cofounder of Modern Wisdom Press. She is also a certified meditation instructor, intuitive healer, and award-winning book author and editor with a BA in Journalism and more than twenty-five years in the publishing industry.

Catherine brings her 15 years of experience in energy healing and transformational coaching to the creative process of the book-birthing journey. She is the creator of the FLOW Method and is passionate about supporting others on the inner journey of becoming a transformational book author. Catherine blends her hybrid skill set into a potent program empowering soulful leaders to write and publish books that showcase their expertise while making a positive impact in the world.



Catherine Gregory


"Writing a book will challenge you, to say the least, or free you. Likely both. When you get out of your head and into your heart, you will find the courage and stamina necessary to overcome your hang-ups and finish your book. This lovely book can be your guide.”

Anne Lamott, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Bird by Bird and Somehow

“Having birthed my book with Catherine, I gained so much more than I realized I was investing in. When the work began with a guided meditation and grounding practice, I knew I was in the right place for my soul to be a channel for my writing. To move out of the head and into the heart and to allow the words to flow. Each chakra activation practice allowed me to connect to another depth of inner wisdom while releasing blocks holding me from true alignment. If you’re looking to shift out of hustle mode and into your authentic zone of genius in becoming an author, Catherine will be your sage guide.”

—MaryBeth Hyland, Speaker, Coach, and Author of Permission to Be Human: The Conscious Leader’s Guide to Creating a Values-Driven Culture

“I recently wrote a book using Catherine’s FLOW Method, which took me out of my discomfort zone where I was facing imposter syndrome and writer’s block. After removing the roadblocks my ego was setting up and letting the words flow naturally, I wound up with a book I never believed I could write. Catherine’s guidance and innate ability to help a first-time author take an idea from concept to finished product is remarkable. I recommend Awaken Into Flow to anyone who has a story to share.”

—Mike Bush, Managing Partner of GrowthWays Partners, LLC, and Author of Guardrailing: Authentically Guide Your Natural Products Company from Spark to Sale

“The principles that Catherine shares in her new book, Awaken Into Flow, are the main reason I’m now a published author and not an aspiring one. Catherine’s gentle, positive, and consistent guidance helped my business partner and I translate our dreams of ‘one day writing a book’ into an outline, then a draft, then an edited manuscript, and now a book that has already been purchased by readers in eight different countries. If you’re reading this, you already know you want to write a book. That’s the first step. Now, invest in your own vision by reading Awaken Into Flow. You can publish a book—and Catherine can help.”

—Jeff Shuck, Principal, Plenty Consulting and Author of Leading with Light: Choosing Conscious Leadership When You’re Ready for More

“While many books are available on the craft and business of becoming a published author, none will bring this goal to fruition unless the writer is in flow. In Awaken Into Flow, Catherine gently leads you, like a trusted friend, from inspiration to the final word by addressing the energy needed to become a published author happy with your finished book. Using her powerful exercises—from chakra breathwork to the Writer Frequency Scale to inviting your fears in for tea—Awaken Into Flow will allow you to connect with the voice and wisdom of your Higher Self so that you will complete your book more quickly, with deeper career alignment, and personal fulfillment.”

—Mikaela Katherine Jones, Transformational Sound Artist, Higher-Self Conduit, and Author of The Book of Light and The Little Book of Light

“Co-authoring my book with my brother Jim through Modern Wisdom Press was a bonding experience we both treasure. As a published author of numerous academic papers, I knew how to write with my head but not my heart. The FLOW Method you’ll discover in this book helped me dig more deeply into my inner experience and access a more personal style of writing that feels open and authentic. I would’ve laughed if you asked me about writing through my chakras before I began working with Catherine. That was about as foreign to Jim (a finance industry CEO) and me (a business professor) as possible. But her process worked! The Ideal Reader exercise brought clarity to our story. The words flowed easily onto the pages, and the feedback we’ve received about our book has been very encouraging. If you are ready to get your book into the world, I highly recommend working with Catherine and her team using the FLOW Method.”

—Stephen Gilliland, PhD, Claremont Graduate University Professor, Author of Pushing Up: What Twelve Months of Physical Challenges Taught Two Brothers About Connection, Leadership, and Purpose

“As one of Catherine Gregory’s clients and authors who successfully published a book, I can honestly say that it would not have happened without her expert guidance, the FLOW Method she developed, and her compassionate heart. The process that she so artfully describes in her new book, along with the many tools and her personal experiences as a writer, editor, publisher, and coach, are great gifts to anyone interested in writing or who wants to write that life-changing book you’ve not been able to manifest. No matter how many times you get stuck, suffer from imposter syndrome, or give in to the fears that inevitably show up on the path to publishing, Catherine’s processes, suggestions, and support will move you through resistance to success and the realization of your dreams.”

—Bobbi Lambert, PhD, Co-Founder/President of Confidante, Inc., Author of From Trauma to Healing: Seeking Solace and Safe Places to Fall

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