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The "Yes, And" Business Evolution by Tracy Shea-Porter (Coming Soon)

As a leader, you likely struggle with team motivation and communication breakdown. Whether it’s burnout, disconnection, or conflict, employees are experiencing unprecedented stress, anxiety, and depression in these challenging times. Enter improv comedy–the rising “Yes, And” approach to enhance team building and leadership skills through experiential training.

If you’re ready to supercharge your leadership, join author Tracy Shea-Porter, as she enlists her decades of expertise in both the business world and Toronto’s thriving improv community.

Feedback Reimagined: Transform Your Organization through Positive Psychology and Social Support by Peter Berridge and Jen Ostrich (Buy Here)

"Positive feedback loops are crucial for creating virtuous cycles. Anyone interested in becoming better and bringing out the best in others, start here. Feedback Reimagined is a well-researched and practical guide for putting humans back into the equation for happiness and success." Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage & Michelle Gielan, author of Broadcasting Happiness

Brilliant: Be the Leader Who Shines Brightly without Burning Out by Jamie Shapiro, PhD (Buy Here)

"This book illuminates the important connection between leadership and wellbeing, inspiring top-level leaders to reach their full potential and flourish—both personally and professionally.” Shawn Achor, NY Times bestselling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage

Reimagining Workplace Well-being: Fostering a Culture of Purpose, Connection, and Transcendence by Jessica Grossmeier, PhD (Buy Here)

"The workplace has incredible potential to provide opportunities for meaningful work, more enriching and supportive relationships, and moments of joy and creativity. A delightful mix of research, compelling stories, and practical insights, Reimagining Workplace Well-being inspires a new way of addressing the heart and soul of employee well-being." —Chip Conley, MBA, founder, Modern Elder Academy and author of Wisdom at Work

Pursuing Purpose: A Guide to Finding Meaning through Meditation by Dent Gitchel Jr., PhD (Buy Here)

"Author Dent Gitchel does not sugar coat the doubts or other obstacles to be found on this path. But, like the Buddha, he wants to alleviate suffering where it exists, invites us to come and see, and try for ourselves what he has found to be true." —Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

Trapped!: The Responsible Man's Guide to Personal Freedom and Happiness by Nathan Joblin (Buy Here)

"As a psychotherapist, I'm grateful to Nathan Joblin for writing Trapped!. This material is timely, given that some of our culture's voices can mischaracterize the masculine as solely toxic, leaving many feeling misunderstood and maligned. This book speaks to the need for compassion, courage, and strength in addressing the healing and health of the masculine. Nathan Joblin's work is a pathway forward for men looking to shift/free themselves toward a new paradigm of grounding their lives in purpose, meaning, and love. Trapped! is a must-read to awaken and support the heroic masculine, a crucial and valuable part of the human collective." - Natasha Senra-Pereira, MSW, RSW, RP, Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Author/Speaker

Ready to Rise: How to FInd Your Path to Peace and Purpose by Ravi Rothenberg (Buy Here) 

"A powerful story that awakens what is dormant inside. Ready to Rise is a call to the seeker who is tired of living other people's expectations and wants to activate their unique potential. Ravi is an empathetic guide who gives us tools and signposts necessary to learn on the path toward peace & purpose." —Lou Redmond, meditation guide and author of Find Your Truth: A Modern-Day Story About Letting Go of Addiction and Finding Life's Purpose

Pushing Up: What Twelve Months of Physical Challenges Taught Two Brothers About Connection, Leadership, and Purpose by Stephen Gilliland & Jim Gilliland (Buy Here)

“Commitment. Discipline. Motivation. These individual attributes are brought to life and encouraged by the folksy storytelling of the Gilliland brothers. The real genius of their writing though is getting the reader to understand and internalize the benefits of how someone—family member, friend, teacher, boss—believing in you personally will help you reach your goal(s). A must-read for those who want to be goal-oriented or desire to make a beneficial difference in another person’s life.” Jeff Rein, former Chairman and CEO of Walgreens  

The Heart of the Akashic Records Revealed: A Comprehensive Guide to the Teachings of the Pathway Prayer Process by Dr. Linda Howe (Buy Here)

Are you ready to access infinite wisdom, aliveness, and love? This deep dive into the Akashic Realm offers all you need to bring your Soul's Purposes to life. Using the time-tested Pathway Prayer Process©, discover the most direct path to access Soul-level wisdom applicable to any life situation - consistently and reliably. Dr. Howe's fifth book arises from 25+ years of direct teaching experience with students worldwide. Join the movement: Ignite your Light today.

Radical Embodiment: A Practical Guide to Celebrating the Skin You're In by Emily Wishall (Buy Here)

"Author, practitioner, and thought leader, Emily Wishall, has taken a familiar topic and pressed the refresh button. The result in her book, Radical Embodiment: A Practical Guide to Celebrating the Skin You're In, is a relevant and authoritative deep dive into the way through an all-too-familiar struggle for anyone who wants to feel more alive, happier, and healthier in their body. To anyone who may erroneously think that they've read it all, nothing is new, and there is no hope for their own personal transformation, think again. Emily brings a refreshing perspective from the best possible places: her own authentic journey."Rosie Bank, author of Health Matters: 52 Ways to Get Your Body to Love You Back

Finding Fantastic Joy: How Building a Self-Advocacy Campaign Led Me Out of Darkness by Leah Johnson (Buy Here)

 "Always fierce and never filtered, Leah Johnson's Finding Fantastic Joy is a tour de force in speaking truth to power: the power of self-doubt, self-examination, and, ultimately, self-redemption. In these trying times that have left so many of us battered and broken, Finding Fantastic Joy is a book that shows us how to build new and stronger foundations that help guide us on a path to becoming our best selves. Read it and you'll be better off for doing so." —Will Johnson, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Daily Kos

Functional Maternity: Using Functional Medicine and Nutrition to Improve Pregnancy and Childbirth Outcomes by Sarah Thompson, LAc, CFMP, Doula (Buy Here)

 “Functional Maternity beautifully explains the many physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and the vital role of nutrition and lifestyle in supporting the body's ability to adapt to them. This is an excellent read for prenatal practitioners or anyone seeking a higher-level understanding of functional medicine as it relates to maternity care.” Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE, author of Real Food for Pregnancy and Real Food for Gestational Diabetes

The Diamonds Within Us: Uncovering Sanity through Contemplative Psychology by Melissa Moore, PhD (Buy Here)

The Diamonds Within Us sparkles with personal experience, accessible practices, and an approach to psychology grounded in brilliant, unconditional health. In sharing her own lifelong journey through the inception and development of Contemplative Psychology, Melissa Moore also passes on the radical experiments incubated at Naropa University and expressed in Karuna Training, experiments now matured and weathered through decades of learning. Both rooted in a strong lineage and sensitive to the demands of our present, this book also gestures toward Contemplative Psychology's future as we face ecological loss, unconscious bias, and cultural fragmentation. —Adam Lobel, PhD

Simple Wealth: The Practical Guide to Transform Your Relationship with Money and Live in Abundance by Holly Morphew (Buy Here)

"This book is as much therapy as it is a roadmap to living life on your terms, living abundantly, and creating Simple Wealth." Adam Carroll, speaker and author of The Build a Bigger Life Manifesto, Mastery of Money for Students, and Winning The Money Game

From Trauma to Healing: Seeking Solace and Safe Places to Fall by Dr. Bobbi Lambert (Buy Here)

"Outstanding. Bobbi Lambert draws upon personal experience and 35 years as a consultant to provide helpful advice on grief and healing after unimaginable tragedy. Thoughtful, sensitive, moving, spiritual, practical, and, above all, hopeful. Highly recommended." —Sheldon Siegel, survivor of the 101 California Street shooting and New York Times bestselling author of the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez series of novels

Activate Your Light: Upgrade Your Energy to Step into Your Calling as a Lightworker by Aubry Hoffman (Buy Here)

"Aubry Hoffman affirms the truth Lightworkers need to hear … In her story we find our own. Her brave voice shows us the emboldened, aligned, joyous life that awaits us as we claim the tools in her chapters to return to our essence and shine!” —Rabbi Jessica K Marshall, founder of Sacred Lifecycle Rituals

Radiant Powerful You: Ditch the Battle with Your Body to Energize Your Life by Alana Fournet (Buy Here)

"This book beautifully illustrates and teaches the power of awareness, reflection, and self-acceptance for true healing. This is a program not only to thrive but also one that can allow your immune system to be very robust and alive." Stephen G Henke, MD, board-certified in Family and Integrative Medicine