"Finding" Time to Write Your Book

finding time to your writing book

In many of my conversations with aspiring authors, I often hear a version of this common frustration: "I'm so busy; how will I find time to write my book?".

I know it can be a real challenge, especially as a busy leader or entrepreneur, to juggle your family, spouse, work, and other obligations without the added pressure of writing a book!

So, how do you find time to write a book?

The short answer is: You create it.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, and the truth is that we will prioritize what's most important to us.

If getting your book done is indeed important to you, you will need to check your priorities, set some boundaries, and commit to following through on some essential first steps:

  1. Make your writing time sacred

    Schedule it into your calendar like any critical meeting and commit to showing up at that time to write. To ensure it's a time that you won't change or give up to other events that may arise, first thing in the morning is often a great time. Many of our authors, especially those who are parents, like to rise early to write when the house is still quiet. But you know your body and brain best, so choose a time of day when you feel creative and inspired to write and stick to it.

  2. Set time limits on your writing.

    When writing, we spend a lot of time alone with our words and thoughts, which can sometimes lead to overthinking, being overwhelmed, or even experiencing writer's block. Start by setting a timer and writing for just 30 minutes a day. Writing can be vulnerable, so setting shorter time blocks in the beginning is essential. You can build upon the time as you succeed in showing up and getting words onto the page. Commitment to your writing time is the first (and often most difficult) step!

  3. Reboot your brain with intentional breaks.

    If you find yourself stuck, intentional breaks away from the page can help! A break could look like this:
  • Getting outside in nature. Taking a walk.
  • Listening to uplifting music. Moving your body. Dancing in your kitchen!
  • Organizing a closet or a junk drawer. This helps to satisfy the left brain, that part of the brain we call the "editor brain," which wants structure and organization but can stifle the creative flow of writing.
  • Taking a shower! A cleansing rinse can move stuck energy and generate new creative thinking.
  • Meditating and journaling. Clearing your mind and free-writing about your feelings or something unrelated to your book is a great way to get back into the flow.


If you're seeking more support on your book-birthing journey, take the next step by downloading our FREE Jumpstart Your Book Journey guided practice, which includes a video lesson, guided visualization, and journaling prompts to ignite your creative flow.


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