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If you're a self-empowered woman who's inexplicably lacked success when it comes to getting or staying pregnant, you need to know this:

You are not alone. You are not a failure. And there is hope! 

Learn the steps that will double your chances of pregnancy success!


In her debut book, holistic fertility expert Catherine Gregory shares the proven method that has a 75% pregnancy success rate and has gracefully guided hundreds of women out of the infertility nightmare and into the dream-come-true of holding their healthy baby in their arms.

Whether you're undergoing IVF, IUI or trying to conceive a baby naturally, in her book you'll learn how to:

  • Save time, money and peace of mind on the journey to your baby
  • Ignite your inherent fertility and double your chances of pregnancy success
  • Discover the hidden causes of “unexplained” infertility
  • Empower yourself with next steps for your unique path to parenthood
  • And much, much more...

Anyone preparing for pregnancy can begin using the proven process in this book right away to increase their chances of pregnancy success.


Praise for Fertile

“Catherine Gregory has written an accessible and comprehensive guide to improving fertility. Because she has traveled the entire landscape herself, it is all the more compelling. Women will be grateful for what she shares in this engaging book.

Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN, Founding Director of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Author of Sastun and Rainforest Remedies


"Catherine integrates the mind, body and spirit in her first book, reminding us that as women, we are more than just a physical body. She pays respect to the oft-maligned uterus; let us not forget that every human on this planet came from a uterus. How amazing is that? This is a thoughtfully written book with real life examples readers will be able to relate to. Using her Fertile Being method, she offers hope to women who are struggling to conceive. I can think of several patients who would enjoy reading this book.”

Rachel Bluck, L.Ac., FABORM


"What a refreshing approach to fertility. This book beautifully guides women back into the driver's seat of her fertility birthright. It clearly and effectively addresses many layers of the pregnancy journey, lovingly holding the reader's hand back into a place of deeper connection with herself, her body, and her inner wisdom.”

Mandy Greenlee, Certified Energy Medicine Facilitator, Body-Mind Centering Practitioner

"This book is a delightful read that captured my attention from the first sentence. The author masterfully tells her profound story of finally realizing her dream of motherhood alongside stories about the numerous clients she has successfully counseled in their journey to fertility. There is a wealth of knowledge in the pages of this book that will allow somebody experiencing fertility challenges to be able to take actionable steps. This book stands out because it addresses a lot of the emotional/spiritual aspects of infertility in addition to explaining the numerous benefits of Mayan massage. All aspiring moms will greatly benefit from reading Fertile.”

Kari Schlobohm, author of The Fertility Cookbook: The Ideal Diet to Optimize Conception

"A wonderful new way to empower yourself and make your fertility dreams a reality! Catherine’s own story will catch your attention from the beginning and her profound knowledge of the Maya wisdom on activating fertility is a must read for all those who are struggling to conceive!”

Dr. Michelle Eggenberger, author of The Energetics of Joy

"Catherine Gregory’s own pregnancy journeys are at once inspirational and magical, bridging modern life and the timeless wisdom of indigenous cultures. This book assists the reader in tuning in compassionately - in simple, outstanding detail - to body, mind and spirit to prepare for motherhood. Catherine’s experience with hundreds of fertility clients and their success stories into motherhood help you ground this wisdom into your own reality. Highly recommended!”

Margaret Gilfoyle, Certified Doula, Reiki Master


About Catherine

Catherine Gregory is a mother, intuitive healer, transformational coach and creator of The Fertile Being Method. One of her greatest passions is empowering women to achieve their dreams of motherhood through waking up to their inherent feminine, creative power. Prior to her 15 years of private practice in women’s holistic healing, Catherine spent a decade as a professional editor and writer in the alternative health industry. She holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia, Athens, and has numerous certifications in the holistic healing field including certified massage therapist, certified meditation instructor and advanced practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. Her countless clients over the years have overcome all types of reproductive health challenges to become healthy and happy mothers. Catherine now supports other healers and conscious entrepreneurs in expanding their impact through her publishing venture, Modern Wisdom Press. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her partner and two children.


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